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Works great! I can now wear my rings and the arm is not feeling solid. Lympha Press was wonderful in helping me get the machine.
Sandra V.
Cypress, TX
My left foot was so swollen that I could hardly wear shoes. Thanks to Lympha Press, I am almost back to my normal size!
Sally B.
Naples, TX
The pump has been a silver lining! Before receiving at home, I had to go to the hospital for treatment. I am 96 years old, and doing the treatment at home has lifted a burden from my shoulders. Also, one's being is complimented at seeing the swelling reduced.
Ruth M.
Orlando, FL
The product has saved my leg. Could not be happier with the equipment and the service. The product is a godsend.
Roy S.
Ashburn, GA
I am so glad that after 30+ years of suffering with edema, I am now using Lympha Press. What a change this has been. If you are suffering with lymphedema, demand that your doctor prescribe one for you!
Ross T.
Clayton, NC
My legs are feeling better every day. I am so glad for my pump. It really works. Wish I would have had it a few years back. Grateful and yes, life can be better.
Rosalee M.
Massillon, OH
Your medical sales consultant was very courteous and showed me how to use the compression pump. It has helped get the swelling down; I use it twice daily without any problems.
Ronald D.
St. Matthews, SC
The pump works very well. It improves my circulation in my legs, helps take the swelling down, and keeps my ulcers in check. It's given me a better chance to do more of the things I like to do.
Robert M.
Bokeelia, FL
My condition improved almost immediately. I was astounded with the results.
Robert A.
Jeffersonville, PA
This therapy has not only been good for my lymphedema, it has been an enjoyable experience.
Richard W.
Orlando, FL
I am a paraplegic since I had a stroke to my lower spine and sciatic nerve. Lymphedema affected me about a year after my paralysis and they immediately treated me with a Lympha Press. The package was delivered ... Easy to set up and use. I generally sleep through my sessions. It has helped control my swelling and I am very pleased with it. Would recommend it to anyone.
Richard T.
Wilmington, NC
This compression pump does miracles. Since I started using it, the improvement to my legs has been 100% improved. My feet and legs are starting to look normal and don't swell like they used to. I even see myself walking normal, and have less swelling at night. A beautiful piece of medical equipment.
Richard M.
Converse, TX
This treatment of pump and compression has performed wonders on my lymphedema condition. It has done in a few weeks that nothing else has done in three years. I am extremely satisfied.
Richard H.
Commerce, TX
What an AMAZING product! My arm feels lighter and less swollen! Greatly appreciated.
Rena T.
Poplar Bluff, MO
Thank God for Lympha Press. It feels so good and it relieves the swelling.
Ralisa S.
Danville, IL
Without the use of the pump I would not be able to walk at all. My legs don't hurt as much and it takes the swelling down so my feet and legs don't feel like they will burst. I swear by the 12-chamber pump.
Phyllis C.
Conway, AR
Since using your compression pump, I am now able to walk to and back from my mailbox, which I have been unable to do for the past year.
Peter W.
Thomaston, GA
This compression system has done more good in a short time than any other treatment for edema and wound care.
Peter B.
Winter Haven, FL

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