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Learn science-backed lipedema diet and inflammation tips that can help manage the condition most effectively.
Lymphedema and vein conditions often go hand in hand. A venous disease expert explains why these conditions occur together and what you can do to slow their progression.
Before lymphedema, Lindsey Sosovec was a professional athlete and world traveler. After her diagnosis, she committed to continuing this active lifestyle.
Informed by their four pillars of health, Dr. Leslyn Keith and Robert Erkstam share evidence and recommendations for creating interventional lifestyle programs for lymphedema.
High-frequency ultrasound is a promising conservative treatment for lipedema studied by Karen Ashforth in a pilot program.
Dr. Herbst shares the evidence and clinical applications for her new theory on the relationship between lipedema and subclinical compartment syndrome.
Practicing gratitude while acknowledging the difficulties of chronic illness can improve and maintain physical and mental health and well-being.
In this webinar, certified lymphedema therapists Kris Nesheim and Karen Ashforth offer inside tips and secrets on ways to deliver quality lymphedema care in a home setting.
Learn about the different uses of infrared thermography for lymphedema and wound care. What lies beneath the skin’s surface?
The anchors at the September Lipedema Patient Roundtable were joined by special guests Noah Danesh, MPH, of Total Lipedema Care, and Kathleen Lisson, CMT, CLT, for an exceptional evening of education and inspiration!

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