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“Love is the greatest ingredient in healing.” That’s just one of the gems from this insightful interview with Karen Ashforth, presented by the Lympha Press Leadership Series.
Driven by curiosity her entire life, Karen Herbst was fascinated with the idea of fat since childhood. Now the leading authority on lipedema, she’s motivated to “figure it out – faster” because her core mission is to help people.
The panelists changed things up at the August Lymphedema Patient Roundtable by introducing a new format featuring a panelist chat and a Q&A open forum, followed by the first-ever “Lymphedema Patient Roundtable Call-in Show”!
Two new hashtags were birthed following the July Lipedema Patient Roundtable: #DoTheThing and #WearTheThing. The message? Don’t talk yourself out of trying something new for fear of what other people will think.
Whether going down the shore or traveling across the globe, the panelists and attendees at the July Lymphedema Patient Roundtable shared some great tips for managing lymphedema away from home.

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