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Oh, the places you will go with lymphedema and lipedema! Karen Ashforth and a panel of expert patient travelers discuss the ins and outs of preparing to travel, what to pack to manage swelling, and so much more.
High-frequency ultrasound is a promising conservative treatment for lipedema studied by Karen Ashforth in a pilot program.
In this webinar, certified lymphedema therapists Kris Nesheim and Karen Ashforth offer inside tips and secrets on ways to deliver quality lymphedema care in a home setting.
“Love is the greatest ingredient in healing.” That’s just one of the gems from this insightful interview with Karen Ashforth, presented by the Lympha Press Leadership Series.
In an increasingly virtual world, how can you use telehealth to better serve your patients? Therapists Karen Ashforth and Gretchen Walsh tag-team this important conversation covering education, convenience, and successful outcomes along with real-life cases in which telehealth made a positive impact on patients’ lives.
Karen Ashforth focuses on increasing awareness of three syndromes that can confound and complicate lipedema.
Anomalies in connective tissue and the autonomic nervous system play a key part in regulating swelling and pain. If you have patients who have difficulty managing swelling, there may be hidden underlying causes.
Driven by curiosity her entire life, Karen Herbst was fascinated with the idea of fat since childhood. Now the leading authority on lipedema, she’s motivated to “figure it out – faster” because her core mission is to help people.
Learn more about surgical and radiation-induced fibrosis, as well as cording, in this article by Karen Ashforth, OT MS CLT-LANA.
June is Lipedema Awareness Month, and the Lymphedema Patient Roundtable spent the hour highlighting this often-painful disease estimated to affect up to 11% of women worldwide.

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